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Vivacious Writers

Vivacious Writers was formed to support nomadic writers who would otherwise not have a consistent community to share their work and receive feedback.


The special thing about Vivacious Writers is that members are fellow travelers who understand life on the road. We live in hostels, vans, and communal spaces around the world. We are young and old, new to writing groups and workshop veterans. We carry our lives in backpacks, stories, and in our notebooks. 

Join the Vivacious Writers community and connect with your fellow global writers. 

Virtual Open Mics

Looking for a taste of the Vivacious Writers community? Attend one of our virtual open mic nights as an audience member or take the stage and read your work! This is a supportive event, perfect for anyone new to sharing their writing. 

Virtual Writing Groups

Looking to improve your writing skills? Interested in publishing your writing? Join a writing group today!

Build a Writing Community in Your City

Receive guidance for starting your own in person writing groups and open mic nights. 

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