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Editing and Content Writing

Personal Profile

The Atlas Heart

I began as a writer for The Atlas Heart and quickly assumed responsibility for updating existing content based on market trends.

Once promoted to Editor and Content Manager, I managed 3 writers and ensured a smooth workflow of content creation from ideation to publication.

Of the 360+ articles on the site, I edited or updated most of them at one point or another . . . with that said, here are the articles that I authored and the landing pages for which I wrote the copy. 

The Atlas Heart Articles authored by Jodelle Marx:


Gifts for Long-Distance Friends

Moving Away Gifts

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Gifts for Rock Climbers

Gifts for Snowboarders

Gifts for Pilots

White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Dirty Santa Gifts

Publications by Genre


My poem, "Robins Don't Sleep in the Garden," meditates on the proximity of death as two adult sisters try to save a robin. It was published by the literary journal Call Me [Brackets] and can be found in the 7th issue.

For my poem, "Love Letter to Freelance Writing,"  pick up a copy of Love Your Sister's anthology, Dear Lover.


Fiction: 1,000 Words

In a post-apocalyptic society, a woman breaks into another woman's house to steal menstrual products. Inspired by Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, my short story, "The Stranger at My Underwear Drawer," is published in the Aunt Flow anthology, Stained.



Fiction: 100 Words

Inspired by a backpacker whom I met in Costa Rica and my own personal bad luck with phones, "Another Year" is a swift 100 words that will surely make you laugh.



Journalism: Podcast Production

In June of 2021, I met with Belise Nishimwe, the 2019 Oregon Poetry Out Loud Champion, to learn about her journey from a Tanzania refugee camp to the main stage as a spoken word poet in the U.S.


You can listen to Belise tell her story on The Immigrant Story's website or via their Many Roads to Here podcast by searching for the episode, "May Be Awkward, but It Has to Be Said."



Journalism: Feature Story

Hiker Babes is an international organization that helps people safely hit the trail in welcoming groups. They have local chapters all over the US and around the world, so you never have to hike alone. I never ended up sending out this feature story, but you can read it here.

Editing & Content Writing

Browse my publications to get a sense of my style and voice as an editor and writer. 

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